Welcome to my portfolio and app website.

I'm Tyler Freeman, I code stuffs and things. (Apps / Websites etc.) I am based in Lowestoft in the UK. I'll be updating this basic web design soon. As you may understand I am very busy!

Coming Soon:

Support ZSS on Kickstarter.com
Zombie Survival Simulator has launched its kickstarter on 15/02/2013

This project will only be funded if at least £10,000 is pledged by Tuesday Apr 16, 1:25pm EDT.

Apps Now Available:
Void (Platform game for Android and iOS)

Void HD on the iTunes App Store                                                                     Android app on Google Play

Learn and Play(website)

Learn and Play Alphabet, numbers and more on the iTunes App Store Get Learn and Play Android Alphabet App on Google Play
Feel free to contact me on the web-form.